Me & My Style


My portfolio reflects my love for photography and the way I like to work. I explore my whole life through a camera if it’s local or travelling abroad on one of my travel assignments that I do twice a year.

Leaving aside my commercial work for the minute: everything I do with people is “document real life moments” either at weddings, portraits or general celebrations. Its what I do best, my informal and candid style enables me to work around you to produce stunning images yet remains unobtrusive. 

Back to my wedding style it is Unobtrusive; dress smartly, being friendly, keeping out of people’s way and not being in your face. This, combined with the images that you see, is a great combo for covering weddings.

Its not all about you, shooting a wedding to me is also about your guests, the big moments and the “in between” moments.  Even down the smallest detail that no one else will see. It’s a skill that I have developed and have an 6th sense for anticipation. 

For my Weddings and other genres of work I spend lots of hours after the event working on post production editing. Each single image is edited with the latest software system.  Every image is chosen for its story telling either in colour or carefully and skilfully turned into black and white. I may also give you both options to choose from.

It’s my choice to keep weddings to a manageable level so my work is kept fresh. My aim is to do 25-30 weddings a year so do contact me if all the above matches your thoughts. 

As a Somerset, Bristol and Cotswolds wedding photographer the majority of my weddings are in the southwest but I also cover destination weddings overseas. If you’re interested in finding out more please get in touch.


I was delighted to have engaged Clayton as the photographer for my daughter’s wedding in August 2016. I had known of Clayton’s theatre work and was very impressed with the way he captured live events and therefore was keen that he was able to use these skills to be able to capture a very important event for our family.   Clayton was brilliant. His extensive photographs are a…
Clayton, I want to thank you for your ideas, expertise, professionalism and just generally being a nice guy and a calm presence on our wedding day! You worked so hard to get the right shots (running up onto the roof for example!) and quickly to catch the light on a cloudy January day. The photo’s I have seen so far are absolutely stunning and have captured all the special moments of our weddin…