Everyone knows getting hitched is a costly occasion. An average venue can set you back around £6000 and that’s before you even begin to negotiate catering, drinks and entertainment. These days, the average English wedding can now easily exceed a budget-breaking £20,000!

If you got your heart set on the beautiful English wedding you’ve dreamt of since you were little. It’s packed with tips that will help you carve out a sizable proportion of your budget with DIY decoration ideas and savings on drinks and catering. However, without a doubt the way you can save the most money is by having your wedding abroad. Savvy planners could save a colossal £10,000 off their bill by having it overseas.

Of course one of the best reasons for having your wedding in a sunnier climate is that you know you’re pretty much guaranteed beautiful weather. A wet and windy wedding day is something every bride dreads, so why not jet off to somewhere more exotic. What’s more, you could combine your wedding and honeymoon to save on travel costs as you’re already somewhere spectacular – simply extend your stay!


It goes without saying that having a destination wedding will cost your guests significantly more to attend. However, if you plan far enough in advance your guests can treat it as a holiday and budget for it over time. Usually, the wedding party and all the guests will arrive at the resort 3 or 4 days before the ceremony, and jet off home after everyone has recovered from the festivities of the big day.

Another benefit of having your wedding overseas is that you get to cut down on the guest list and have a more intimate wedding with your closest friends and family. Think of the money you’ll save not having to invite your co-workers, third-cousins-twice-removed, or your parent’s golf buddies.

One thing that will save you time, stress and money is booking a package deal with a resort. You’ll be surprised how much further your money can go abroad. You can find a plethora of wedding packages that include a week’s stay at a four star hotel, wedding and reception venue, three course dinner, welcome drinks and entertainment for £6000-£10,000 (depending on destination). If you’re willing to go as far afield as places like Indonesia, Mexico or Jamaica prices can be even lower.

If a package wedding isn’t your thing, it is possible to organize each element yourself. This may procure even more savings however there might be some complications if there’s a language barrier, although you could have a local wedding planner organise everything on your behalf. They will also be able to give you some important pieces local information that could affect your booking, such as seasonal weather patterns and national holidays.

When booking your wedding abroad you need to plan with precision. Check how much airfares will be; it won’t matter how much you’ve saved on your wedding if flights to your destination are extortionate. Thoroughly check reviews online to ensure your venue is up to scratch. You should also consider currency exchange rates and whether there are any local tax rates to pay on top of any invoices. VAT rates in the UK are some of the highest around the world, whereas in some places you pay nothing or very little. Sales tax in Hawaii for example is just 4%.

What’s more, when sending money abroad to pay for your wedding you should consider the costs involved with international transactions. High street banks can charge as much as £25 for a single transfer but going with someone like Moneycorp or Travelex you’ll pay as little as £5. You should also consider about spending wisely while you’re there. Organise a travel card, upload a balance online and then spend while you’re out there without worrying about incurring fees for using your card abroad.

However, there are a few things you’ll be better off sourcing from home. The bride’s dress and groom’s suit is something you’ll need to get sorted locally as you’ll need to attend fittings – not something that is possible over Skype.  Similarly the rings will most likely need to be from a trusted local jeweler. One key thing you may not realise you can source from home is your photographer. Luckily I am a great travel lover and am more than willing to travel overseas to capture the perfect photos for my wedding clients. I simply charge my usual rate, plus a small surcharge (from £350) to cover the costs of flights and accommodation. If you’d like me to photograph your destination wedding please get in touch with me here.